Michael Whitehouse – Friendly Follow Up

The move to virtual networking has made it easier than ever to meet a great quantity of high quality people. With networking being easier, follow up is now harder. How do you keep in touch with all these people?

Over the last year, with the advice of many very smart people, I have learned how to use email lists to gently maintain causal contact with all these people whom I am meeting.

It’s about following up like you network. Don’t pitch. Don’t sell. Instead, find ways to provide value and let your personality shine through. That is the key to Friendly Follow Up

About Michael Whitehouse

Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, is the founder of Conference21, the author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, and a compulsive networker.

His networking has led him to develop a base of knowledge that is a mile wide and an inch deep, knowing a little something about almost any topic you can image.

He uses this broad knowledge to help clients and others to grow their businesses and live their best lives.